Due to numerous questions about accommodation during the event, we present you several affordable options listed below.


The first option is accommodation on so-called “hard floor” at the Sport Hall in Szczytno. There will be a huge gym with full sanitary facilities (toilets, showers) at your disposal. It is advisable to take your own mattress. The key advantages of accommodation there are:
:: close to each Event Center (maximum 20 minutes drive)
:: company of other athletes under one roof
:: price – unbeatable
The hall capacity is limited to around 100 people, so we take reservations on first come, first served basis. Please book your accommodation via online form indicated in the table below. After making the booking and before the end of the application deadline (12.06.2023), please make a payment for the accommodation to the same bank account as for the entry fee.


For those who like to spend the night close to nature (or desperately want to take part in the event and are unable to find another last minute option), we offer accommodation with own tent at Elganowo camp site which is the Event Center of Stage 2 (Jezioro Elganowiec ) and Stage 3 (Jezioro Gromskie). The key advantages of such an option are:
:: excellent location in the very Event Center
:: decent price
:: no need to make any reservation
All details can be found on Elganowo camp site website. The camp site is huge, so there is no need to book your spot in advance – you can choose to stay there on the day of arrival. Currently, last year’s price list is available on the website, but the new one is to be updated soon (according to information from the owner a “slight increase in prices” is planned).


At the moment, we can recommend you few accommodations where you should be able to find free spots. All of them are presented in the table below.

Sport Hall
(Hala Widowiskowo-Sportowa)
Lanca 1
12-100 Szczytno
S1: 13 km
S2-3: 16 km
20 PLN per person 100 booking form
(100/100 available spots)
Elganowo camp site
(Pole Biwakowe w Elganowie)
12-130 Elganowo S1: 9 km
S2-3: in Event Center
pricelist unlimited website
(no need to book, tent spots available upon arrival)
Domki Sasek Mazury Sasek 20
12-100 Sasek
S1: 1 km
S2-3: 10 km
250-300 PLN per cottage (3-5 people) 40 website
Ośrodek Wypoczynkowy Łoś Kobyłocha 11
12-100 Szczytno
S1: 9 km
S2-3: 12 km
220-480 PLN per cottage (2-6 people) 35 website
Sasek Ośrodek Wypoczynkowy Kobyłocha 11A
12-100 Szczytno
S1: 9 km
S2-3: 12 km
400 PLN per cottage (6 people) 12 website